Special Enquiry Detail

Special Enquiry Detail 1.2

Play detective in this interesting crime puzzle game


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Good plot


  • Requires in-app purchase for full game
  • Boring visuals

Not bad

For a static puzzle game, Special Enquiry Detail creates an addictive environment for players to experience. Playing the roles of two detectives, players will perform forensic searches of crime scenes while talking to suspects while attempting to solve a homicide.

Gameplay is leans toward a majority of searching through static scenes looking for evidence. The main gameplay of Special Enquiry Detail is like a scavenger hunt, slowly looking over an image and finding the different items.

The only difficulty in Special Enquiry Detail is how long it might take to find all the items. Special Enquiry Detail also includes a regenerating hint system that will point out hidden items if players are having trouble.

Players will scroll through conversations with suspects and secondary characters, but there is not a lot of gameplay between these interactions. Special Enquiry Detail quickly moves the story along, overshadowing the light gameplay that the game has.

Visually, Special Enquiry Detail uses a majority of static images with small amounts of animation. A hand-painted crime noir style, there is nothing really impressive about what players will look at. The style of Special Enquiry Detail is what really pulls players in.

Unfortunately, Special Enquiry Detail is more of a demo than full version because after the end of the second chapter, the game requires an in-app purchase to unlock the rest of the game. The limited playability of Special Enquiry Detail is more of a demo and while the game is interesting, there is not enough variety in gameplay to warrant the full purchase.

Special Enquiry Detail has fun gameplay, but the bait-and-switch for the full game is misleading.

Special Enquiry Detail


Special Enquiry Detail 1.2

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